Principal’s Message

Education is for enrichment and empowerment. Educational Institutions are to relentless endeavours to nature the inherent capabilities of children to the maximum possibility. We are to strive hard to be role models to children in order to inspire them motivate them and encourage them.

He school doesn’t believe in providing a pressure cooker treatment to children, keeping them parrot repeaters. No special phobia, angst or anxiety is created in the name of Examinations. The holistic development of each child is ensured special orientation classes are quite often arranged for teachers.

We focus on developing noble qualities like empathy, sympathy comparison kindness , benevolence and munificence. Emotional well being of children also is well taken care of . we provide a pleasant and comfortable environment to each child constantly fine tuning the finer aspects in him.

Wishing all stake holders all the best

C.M. Kurup.